A fox who had never seen a lion one day met one, and was so terrified of the sight of him that he was ready to die with fear. After a time he met him again, and was still rather frightened but not nearly so much as he had been when he met him first. But when he saw him for the third time he was so far from being afraid that he went up to him and began to talk to him as if he had known him all his life. Aesop

This fable has many applications we could make. In the school setting developing the tools of learning might seem scary as a lion but repetition will develop confidence. Learning to swim or play the piano may be scary at first but sticking with it will develop competence. The same could be said for virtue. The sin nature we are born with and the flesh we struggle against are terrified of piety and virtue, however we can overcome our natural repulsion of Christ-likeness by repeatedly practicing virtuous behaviour which will improve our moral memory. In the end we will be friends with the Lion of the tribe of Judah.