Our church’s Men’s and Women’s groups are going through the same book study titled Designed For Joy. This week we are discussing biblical manhood and how to train sons to become men. As students reflect on Responsibility during November, I trust they will see responsibility’s connection with manhood. Our students learn from “For Want of a Horseshoe Nail,” that for a lack of responsibility in the small things, King Richard III lost a great battle.

For want of a nail, a shoe was lost,

For want of a shoe, a horse was lost,

For want of a horse, a battle was lost,

For want of a battle, a kingdom was lost,

And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

How many men, for want of responsibilities in the small things, are losing the big battles of maintaining a close walk with their Saviour, loving their wives and nurturing their children? Men, embrace the valour, strength and courage that responsibility in the small things epitomizes. Only in the strength of Christ is this possible to do with joy.