When my husband and I began to look at Christian education options for our children, we were looking for a school that had a strong academic curriculum and principled morals, and one that welcomed parental involvement and input. Verideia Classical Christian Academy has exceeded our expectations. When my children began to attend VCCA, they integrated quickly and adapted well. The classical curriculum is excellent: my children are learning phonics, cursive writing, and memorizing bible verses; they are excelling in math and mastering grammar; and they enjoy learning Latin in grade 1! My children love playing in the large, natural school yard at recess – there is plenty of room to run and explore. The teachers are very capable and I believe they truly love what they do. The administration is experienced and organized. I am thankful that the students wear uniforms and that the school encourages parent volunteering in the classroom. VCCA is a true gem and is a blessing to my family.

– Liz

More than ever, it’s important to have our children in a school that is based on truth, righteousness and a solid biblical foundation. We were looking for a school that would stand on the never-changing word of God, even if the world is changing around us. The classical approach of education is also another reason we chose Verideia. This approach to teaching children focuses on instilling a lifelong love of learning. My own children have grown in leaps and bounds in this style of education, helping them learn the foundations more quickly and remembering their lessons long after they have been taught. It is evident that each of the teachers and administrators have a love for the Lord and model their faith in the way they teach their students.

The way that parents are strongly encouraged to be involved in not only their child’s schooling, but in school-wide events helps foster a sense of fellowship and a priority on the family. The twice weekly “parents who pray” morning meetings at the school have been a wonderful example for students and teachers to see parents invested in Verideia. Regular chapel services provide consistent moments of fellowship for students, staff and parents. Overall, since we have started attending Verideia, I have seen major spiritual growth and fruit in my children. I pray more families have the opportunity to see the same.

– Jewels

We were truly blessed that Verideia Classical Christian Academy (VCCA) was recommended to us following our prayerful decision to enrol our 3 children in Christian Education. This year saw our third child graduate from VCCA and our family has benefited spiritually, emotionally and educationally from our involvement with VCCA. In addition to the regular studies of English, mathematics, the sciences and social studies, the students enjoy Bible study and Chapel worship. Depending on their age and maturity, VCCA students experience class trips to Ottawa, Niagara Falls and Fair Glen as well as to local attractions – local country fairs, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, field days. The wide variety of classes and special events truly round out each student’s Christian educational experience. Much thought and prayer are invested in the school by parents and staff as they work together to provide a quality Christian education for their children. The teachers at VCCA treat each child as a child of God, worthy of their respect as an individual. Families are encouraged to be involved in VCCA through their volunteer program for class trip driving/supervision, extracurricular sports programs, Board of Directors, weekly prayer gatherings, etc.. The friendships that the students and the parents develop through their involvement at VCCA will last well into the future. It takes a village to raise a child. We have been so thankful that VCCA has played a big role in part of our village.


Proverbs 22:6, says “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” This verse I truly believe in, so when Verideia Classical Christian Academy came to visit our church in 2012, to do their school info night, God’s word came alive to me and my heart softened to seek out more information on the school!

When my foster child became my adopted child in 2015, my husband and I chose to give her a chance in the education world to grow and learn more of the truth of God’s word not only in her relationship with Jesus, but learn how God’s Word, the bible is in-fact in all subjects!

Sitting with my daughter this weekend. I had asked her, what her experience has been like since she attended Verideia Academy in 2015!

This was her response:

  • For her spiritual life, she is learning through God’s word, how to work out conflict in herself and with others. Also , in her walk with Jesus , she is learning to trust him fully not just a little bit.
  • In her educational learning, she found that the classical curriculum is really helping her understand all her subjects and, that all subjects, do connect with God’s truth in his Word , the Bible.
  • Socially, she is learning to always be watching for those who need compassion, especially when playing outside!
  • Finally, she told me that her teacher and staff relationships at the school is helping her to understand, who she is in Christ!

Now hearing the results of Verideia Classical Christian Academy and how it’s connecting with my child’s family’s teaching at home, really gives us hope that Proverbs 22:6, will be truth in my daughter’s life.

– Debbie