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Girls in formal uniform

At Verideia Classical Christian Academy our desire is to emphasize those skills, achievements and internal character qualities which demonstrate Christ-likeness. Students are encouraged to focus their attention on the development of Christian character and skills rather than finding significance and individuality through appearance, social position or economic standing. Therefore, our school uniform serves many useful purposes:

  • It encourages the students to find recognition, self-respect and personal growth in who
    God has made them, not in images presented by styles of dress.
  • It is neat and attractive.
  • It prevents the competition among students to see who can be the most fashionable,
    sloppy etc.
  • It avoids elitist, designer clothing and cliques that may be formed.
  • It prevents early morning disagreements about what a student will or will not wear to school.

This is in keeping with the instruction and tone of scripture, including but not limited to: 1 Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 31:30, 1 Peter 3:3-4, 1 John 2:16-17, James 2:1-4, and Luke 2:52.


Hair should be kept clean, combed and styled conservatively in the student’s natural hair colour. Conservative male hair length will not exceed the top of the eyebrows, the 1/2 way point on the ears and the top of the collar of a buttoned up white oxford shirt. A watch, a ring and a simple necklace worn under clothing and a maximum of two earrings (girl’s only) per ear, may be worn to school. The earrings may be stud-type or plain hoops no larger in diameter than a dime. No earrings are permitted for boys. No other body piercing or body art is permitted at Verideia. Only girls in Grades 7 & 8 may wear makeup. This needs to be subtle and not overly noticeable. Skirts are to be to the bottom of the knee. They may be longer but no shorter. All shirts are to be properly tucked in. Parents, when ordering uniforms, please take into account your child’s potential growth spurt. All uniform pieces are to be in good repair.



Boys in casual uniform

Boys in casual uniform

The formal dress uniform is required on chapel days and on special occasions designated by the Principal/Administration. It may also be worn everyday to school. ALL UNIFORM CLOTHING NEEDS TO BE PURCHASED FROM McCarthy’s ( or the school’s used uniform sale, except for socks and shoes.

School uniforms as outlined above, are to be worn throughout every school day and at all recognized school functions. Parents will be notified of occasions requiring formal uniforms, or of any exceptions in the dress code which may be made by the Principal/Administration.

Please note: shorts, navy jumpers and skorts are not part of the formal uniform. As well, sweaters are required for all chapel times regardless of the temperature. These may be removed after chapel if it is too warm.

Students must wear shoes and socks at all times on school property for safety reasons. Outdoor shoes are removed upon entry into the school. The kind of outdoor footwear is your choice. Changing shoes when coming in from outside keeps the mud and water out of the classroom and is healthier than having students in wet shoes.

The uniform policy is designed to ensure that students at Verideia dress in a specific “uniform” manner; therefore, a student’s attempt to draw special attention to their outward appearance will be in violation of the uniform policy. Uniform violations will be sent home to students who do not have proper uniform clothing.


Revised Spring 2014

Updated Summer 2019 to reflect the school’s name change from Fellowship Christian School (FCS) to Verideia Classical Christian Academy.