Sail forth-steer for the deep waters only,

Reckless, O soul, exploring,

I with thee and thou with me,

For we are bound where mariner

has not yet dared to go,

And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.

O my brave soul,

O farther, farther sail!

O daring joy, but safe!

Are they not all the seas of God?

O farther. Farther, farther sail!

From The Passage to India by Walt Whitman

To the degree we play it safe by not trusting in God to lead us where no mariner has yet dared to go we diminish the God who owns the seas. Lord, give us a childlike trust in You to provide for all the adventures You want to take us on. Then Lord, help us to rest in You as You take the next generation of called out ones farther than we ever dared go!