“Discipline isn’t what you do when children misbehave; it’s what you do so they won’t.”
Ronald Morrish.

I appreciate this quote because it causes us to think about discipline being more than reactionary but rather formative, so this quote doesn’t go far enough. The purpose of God’s discipline is to conform us to the image of His dear Son. Thus it is not so we won’t misbehave but rather so we will want to obey. How is our discipline working so that those we are training want to obey rather than just not misbehave?

Early training and discipline of your children at home must be planned so that what you are doing is training children in first time obedience starting before age one. There is a new fantastic resource in the parent lending library, called Parenting Matters by Steve and Megan Scheibner, which really gets to the heart of biblical parenting. Check it out. Your family will be blessed.