Have you ever read a chapter from Proverbs corresponding to the day of the month? If not, try it! Reading chapter 19 on Tuesday brought me to a powerful anti-secular/pagan indoctrination principle given to us by the Holy Spirit.

Cease my son to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of wisdom. Proverbs19:27

I just received an email critical of the Ontario Government for not keeping its promise to repeal the current Sex-Ed curriculum. Broken promises should concern the electorate but why doesnt the Church much more condemn itself when it flat out violates Gods Word by submersing its children in the very instruction designed specifically to undermine the words of the Bible? Sure, get up in arms about harmful curriculum and broken campaign promises as long as you also condemn the people of the Book for doing that which is wicked in Gods eyes. We better have a much higher standard of wisdom and morality for Christians than for the world, for even the world warns against those in glass houses and Scripture reminds us of the log in our own eyes. Until we remove our various planks, should anyone really take us seriously?