One of the primary and necessary postures to have and maintain in the classical Christian educational endeavor is that of WONDER. Classical philosophers believed that wonder was indeed indispensable in the pursuit of knowledge. The classical tradition regarded wonder as both the origin and permanent companion of all rational inquiry. Wonderwasconsidered a truly rational movement of the mind toward fresh knowledge. Richard Harp

For wonder to produce its fruit, the wonderer must have the virtue of humility. Knowing that we dont know, prepares the soil to be receptive not to brut facts but to a knowledge of the world as it relates to that which is eternally True, Good and Beautiful. This kind of education will be everlasting for the co-heir with Christ. Acquiring brut facts for simply pragmatic reasons sucks the wonder out of learning. Was there a point you lost the wonder on your educational journey? It can be easier to see how wonder encompasses much of the learning in Kindergarten and then slowly diminishes as the grades go by but that is not how it should be. Our wonder should increase as we dig deeper into the eternally True, Good and Beautiful. I think Adam and Eve departed from the humility they should have had and in the process were separated from the wonder that they enjoyed in the garden. Let us journey forward in wonder and an anticipation of a restored garden in the new Adam. If you are wondering where your wonder wentgo back to kindergarten!