Why do children ask, Why? Have you ever wondered why why so easily springs from a childs lips? I think it is built in us to have a rational ground and reason, for life, for living, for whatever we are doing. We should not run from these questions but rather embrace the fact that this is how God has made us to function. Too often we answer with because or that is just the way it is.

One goal of classical Christian formation is to train children how to think, not what to think and by having conversations to close the loop with your children you can help establish in them a Biblical worldview. The Bible does not labour to defend itself but rather exposes the foolishness of creating our own ultimate foundation for life, and its futility to justify reason, existence, morality, purpose, truth, goodness, beauty, etc.

One of our school character call outs isBe ye kind to one anothertender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.

You could say in our home we are kind and your child may ask, Why? This verse answers why. A child could ask Why did Christ need to forgive me?, or Who is Christ?, or What does tender-hearted mean?. When the centrality of Christ is removed from this type of discussion about being kind it can generally end up reverting to, because or that is just the way it is. Our students deserve more than this, you need to engage in conversations with your children that end up magnifying Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Saviour and King of Kings who can answer all of the whys if we are humble enough to ask.