Are today’s men facing a crisis of character? Have they lost their honour? Are they no longer responsible? This month our students listen to the poem:

The Boy We Want
A boy that is truthful and honest
And faithful and willing to work;
But we have not a place that we care to disgrace
With a boy that is ready to shirk.

Wanted–a boy you can tie to,

A boy that is trusty and true,
A boy that is good to old people,
And kind to the little ones too.

A boy that is nice to the home folks,
And pleasant to sister and brother,
A boy who will try when things go awry
To be helpful to father and mother.

These are the boys we depend on–
Our hope for the future, and then
Grave problems of state and the worlds work await
Such boys when they grow to be men.

Only the indwelling of the Spirit of God will empower the boys we want rather than the ones we deserve.