At FCS we teach children that conflict can be a slippery slope leading down to attack or to escape mode. So how do we not slide down the slope but rather work it out? Using the Bible as our guide, students are taught to: 1. Overlook an offence. 2. Talk it out (with the other party) or 3. Get help. We teach FCS students to actually think of conflict as an opportunity to do what is right and please God by responding in a way that the Bible teaches.

One aspect of Attack Mode is gossip. Gossip is when we talk about people behind their backs which damages their reputation or to get others on our side. Gossip is hurtful and is always a wrong response to conflict. Gossip is probably the most common sinful attack used in the Church and thus the most common slide down the slippery slope of conflict we see in school. Talk with your children about why gossip is so evil and never a way to resolve conflict or to glorify God. Your children should be able to explain the Slippery Slope in more detail for you and ask them about where conflict comes from in the first place.

Check out The Young Peacemaker by Corlette Sande.