I lead a men’s group from our church. We are just finishing a study on the atonement of Christ and now I am considering what to study next. A book I am looking at is called Manhood Restored by Pastor Eric Mason. The beginning of this book talks about the original purpose God had for man. The author says, “Humanity, made in the image of God, was created to be an earthly representation of who God is.” Later he states, “that relationship is the most compelling factor driving what it means to be made in the image of God”. In light of these two ideas can we think of what role Christian classical education is playing in establishing this relational, representational formation in our students, and in ourselves? How are we practically learning to be God’s representatives expressed through our relationship to Him and others? School House group discussions during lunch, play, and group interaction may be developing their relational formation but are they doing it out of an identity in Christ? Husbands and wives modelling unconditional love for each other consistently before their children combined with child rearing in loving practices is this what restores? Jesus restores! Abiding in Christ enables us to relate to the Father and others. We all need ongoing repentance and re-formation in the gospel of Christ.