The way Christians talk, you wonder if Heaven is not such a good place. When people are planning to go to Disney Land, take a cruise, or a Hawaiian vacation, they are usually excited and talk about it with others. The future new heavens and earth will be exponentially better than Hawaii and did you know that the kind of person we are here on earth will determine the rewards and responsibilities which will be ours on the new earth?

That got me thinking, do we also have a short sighted view of education? Should we ultimately be shaping children for life on this earth or the new one? If we knew we were moving to a different country we would plan ahead accordingly. Classical Christian education’s goals of nurturing wisdom and virtue with a passionate pursuit of the good, the true and the beautiful prepares us well for eternal life on the curse free, sin free, pain and suffering free new heavens and earth, Hallelujah!

“Women sometimes have a problem of trying to judge by artificial light how a dress will look by daylight. That is very like the problem for all of us: to dress our souls not for the electric lights of the present world but for the daylight of the next. The good dress is the one that will face that light. For that light will last longer.”C.S. Lewis