That is the question. The Supreme Court of Canada is deliberating the case between Trinity Western University and the Law Societies of Ontario and British Columbia. Trinity Western is fighting for the right to train lawyers who can practice law across Canada. The decision the Supreme Court makes will have far reaching implications especially for Christian schools like ours. Please pray for a decision in favour of Trinity Western. A defeat in this case will mean the further erosion of religious freedom and freedom of association.

Sadly we live at a time of competing conceptions of the Good, the True and the Beautiful. I pray our graduates see where the two standards originate and know which ones emanates directly from the God Head. There is a true standard that the eternal judge will use to decide with regards to every single person and that judge’s name is Jesus. His decision will also have far reaching implications being either eternal life in the new Heaven and earth or eternal damnation in Hell. Be sure the judge has already ruled in your favour.