Did you know that there is statistical proof that those families that eat meals together have more successful children? Family interactions around the supper table can be a great source of building into each others lives. Here is a parenting point from Dr. Steve Scheibner.

What types of conversations does your family engage in around the dinner table or when you are spending family time? It is so easy to slip into the habit of negative conversations. There is much to bemoan regarding our government, schools money, the neighbour’s dog, and the list goes on and on. Although it’s easy to have those conversations, they do nothing to build up and encourage one another. In fact, often we walk away from family conversations feeling even more discouraged and downhearted. That definitely shouldn’t be the characterization of our Christian families! It’s easy to put-off a negative conversation habit and to replace it with an uplifting and edifying habit of conversation. Spending time asking each family member to share three “encouragements” from their day. Spend time thanking God for His blessings to your family. Have each member share what they think is especially neat about the person sitting next to them. Be creative, but purposeful, in finding avenues of positive conversation, they will crave it more and more. Soon your family will be addicted to the “Glad Game,” and in the process God will be honored and glorified by your edifying and uplifting words!