How do you think The Velveteen Rabbit demonstrates the virtue of friendship? If you do not know the story, be sure to read it so you can know the love of the Boy to bring about life to his toy. In reading Practicing the Presence of People by Mike Masson, I am becoming more aware of the virtue of friendship. People are inherently filled with wonder and beauty and we confirm or deny this truth everyday by how we interact with each other. Are we like the Boy bringing about life to the Velveteen Rabbit by our love for others, or are we reinforcing lifelessness in them?

By cherishing our brothers and sisters in Christ for who they really are, our lives are enriched and like the Boy recovering from scarlet fever we can be restored to health.

When we contemplate the eternal friendship inherent in the trinity we cannot help but realize that our eternal future will encompass eternal friendships with others and with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It doesn’t and won’t get any better that this so stop selling our friendships short in our already, but not yet, kingdom lives!