Your motivations are so important in regards to what heights you will reach. The degree of effort you give at any task is determined by your motivation. What motivates you? What motivates your children? As children model parents, children will tend to be motivated by what motivates you! Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you go to work? Is it out of fear of loss? Is it because you long to glorify your heavenly Father and honour those in authority? Why do you interact with your spouse, friends, family or children the way you do? Is it because you see Christ in them or based on what you can get out of them?

Motivations come from the heart and are indicators of what we love. If a student loves their cool image they are less likely to put themselves out there and risk failure. If a student believes school is a necessary requirement for getting a good job they will be focused on grades and not the joy of becoming more Christ-like.

At FCS our desire is for our students to love learning and thus grow in virtue and wisdom. When this motivation drives our students and ourselves there is no telling how God will use them and use us. Let us align our motivations with ones which glorify our God and point others to Him which is the best way to store up treasures that are not affected by the up and down markets.