I hope you have heard of Ben Carson. Before his seeking to be President of the United States I was blessed to learn about his amazing story. From a struggling student to the greatest brain surgeon in twenty years, Ben was raised by an illiterate single mom who made the decision that radically changed Ben and his brother’s life for the good. Do you know what that decision was? It seems too simple a decision but Ben’s mother limited her boys T.V. watching and had them read books from the public library and write two book reports a week. This change in their habits turned a struggling student into a confident lifelong learner.

In this day and age of abundant screen time options consider again the benefits of the habit of reading books. Your son or daughter may not end up running for Prime Minister of Canada or separate conjoined twins but imagine how much more unlikely these options would be if they never became avid readers and lifelong learners. How are you doing setting the example for your children? Do they see you enjoying reading and talking about what you’re learning?