A Forester and a Lion met one day and talked together for a while, quite pleasantly.

But after a bit the conversation came around to which was the superior creature a Man or a Lion. They argued back and forth a long time and finally the Forester said, “You come with me, I’ll prove what I say.”

He took the Lion to see a monument on which there was a statue of a Man standing over a Lion that he has slain.

“Well,” said the Lion, “that doesn’t prove a thing. Just let us Lions carve a statue and we will make it of a Lion standing over a Man.”

The Point: Just because you say you’re right doesn’t prove you are.

There is nothing new under the sun and we still are in a battle for the truth. Saying so doesn’t make it so nor does finding it on the internet or seeing first hand the statue. Our North Star is the Word of God. Talk with your children about the “Battle for Truth”, how you engage it and how they are being trained to stand for truth.