Our students are memorizing Proverbs 6:16 & 17. Number one on God’s hate list is pride. Depending on the Christian circles you run in, certain sins may be elevated above others or just given more air time. Theologically pride is often considered the chief of sins but practically in the church, pride can be soft pedaled and often gets down played. At F.C.S. the effect of pride is always eroding a culture of grace which we are fighting to maintain. Whether it’s kneeling to pray in morning exercises, using manners with each other or raising our hand in class, humble postures and actions have formative power in our students. Ultimately it is the Holy Spirit’s work which deals a death blow to the pride in our hearts.

Ongoing victory over pride rests in contemplating Christ. Beholding the glory of the Lord, we are changed into the same image 2 Cor.3:18. Be killing pride in your own life by contemplating Christ and show humility to all through your actions, words and body language. This will give you ground to stand on when you teach your children that God hates a proud look.