What is the hum of your home like? By that I mean what would you say is the ambiance, the atmosphere, the temperature of the interactions of your family members? What is the story that your family routines carry? What sorts of people are produced by those routines? The constant background noise generated by your family’s routines, rhythms and rituals will reinforce sacrificial love, peace, and gentleness or produce the opposite. It is important to understand that the hum of the home molds your children much more than the teaching of the home. One is lived out; the other can remain static in our memory banks. Living out Christ forming practices in the home should involve, family worship, preparing meals together, eating together, being sad together and enjoying God’s creation together.

How many of you sing as a family in the home? You do it in Church, we do it at school, try it at home if you don’t. He who sings, prays twice. Do you eat meals together as a family? If you don’t, start. It may be difficult to establish new routines; however, it is in these formative routines and liturgies that souls young and old embody Godly virtues.