The Canadian academic landscape is mainly contoured with the hills and valleys of secular humanism. Despite this perspective being internally incoherent, it still rules the day in the halls of learning. So just why is this worldview self-defeating and why do so few care?

If you ask someone who lives out of a secular, materialistic view of life why they do not believe in the God of the Bible, they often say it is because of a lack of evidence. If belief requires evidence to be rational, you are doomed because like the three year old who keeps asking, Why?, foundational beliefs can’t have evidence for themselves or they wouldn’t be foundational and no one can figure out an infinite regression of evidences.

Another problem for materialists is that they rely on properly functioning senses and cognitive faculties all the while assuming properly functioning senses and cognitive faculties. This is begging the question, meaning, assuming things in order to assume things.

Materialists really have tons of faith, in anything but God.