As Christians remember Jesus’s death and resurrection this Easter weekend, may hearts be re-captivated by the infinite love of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The greatest event in History is an event few really consider and so few really know about. Interestingly, people everywhere are longing for financial salvation and freedom for environmental restoration and for political and relational peace, so why do so few, desire peace with their maker and salvation and freedom in Christ? It is ultimately due to the spiritual blindness of man. The unsaved may recognize the brokenness around them but are blind to the fact that it stems from their own sinful rebellion and brokenness. Easter is not considered the greatest event in history to address our greatest need because people are blind to their need, and suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

At FCS we stress the fact that each child of God is utterly dependent on what Jesus has done and is doing and on what the Holy Spirit has done and is doing. Without the reality of the triune God of the Bible concepts like love, forgiveness, peace, purpose and restoration are baseless ideas. Amazing grace is amazing because we really needed it, which is why we will celebrate for all eternity that Jesus saves.