When someone says, There are no absolutes, my response is often, Are you absolutely sure? I recently heard of a statement made to a missionary that went, What makes you think anything you say is true? To which I thought, could the one making that statement apply what he said to what he just said? In both of these examples the individuals position doesn’t support itself.

The same is true of Atheism, Naturalism, Secularism, or Materialism. These isms, which exclude the necessity of God, can’t support the argument for their truthfulness. Worldviews which don’t recognize the Judeo Christian God can’t ultimately argue without the pre-conditions for arguing. The pre-conditions for arguing are the laws of logic, which being immaterial, invariant laws of inference cannot be accounted for by these non-God isms. Without God you unknowingly borrow universal non-material laws for intelligible argument to argue for a system which cannot account for universal, non-material preconditions for arguing in the first place. This is another reason we emphasize sound reasoning, logic supported by the great Triune God of the Bible.