The parables of Jesus are the theme of our chapels this year. To help us understand the things of God’s Kingdom, Jesus used everyday examples often from agriculture as in His parable of the Sower who sowed seed in Mathew 13:1-23. Loosely paraphrasing, a sower sowed seed that fell in four different dirt. Different dirt represents four different students. Student #1 hears but does not understand the word of the kingdom thus Satan steals the word before it can
take root. Student #2 initially hears and receives the word with joy; however, the word does not take root as the student succumbs to negative peer pressure for aligning themselves with Jesus. Student #3 hears the word but social media and popularity are more important than the word, thus choking the seed of nourishment. Student #4 hears and understands the word and lives to serve King Jesus flourishing with a factor of 100, 60 or 30.

I do not know exactly how the ministry of Verideia Academy is related to the parable of the sower but I do know we must pray with all that we are that the students of VCCA would be #4 students representing the good soil. We must in obedience continue to sow seed while remembering only the Holy Spirit can prepare the soil/heart. As parents you can also talk about this parable with your children and together marvel that not all dirt is barren.