A big part of living more like Christ is one’s heart attitude. Jesus was obedient unto death so we could be forgiven and adopted into the family of God. As forgiven and adopted children we get to obey our Heavenly Father, we get to serve others, and we get to glorify our Maker and Sustainer every moment of every day. If our primary attitude for living the Christian life, is I have to, we probably don’t appreciate our position in Christ, we probably don’t appreciate the cost of our salvation and we probably don’t believe we are now part of God’s royal family. Try flipping any situation round where you feel you have to and tell yourself I get to.

Today I heard some lady pickleball players talking about the recent death of a fellow player. The one lady said whenever she is having a bad day on the courts, she reminds herself to be thankful that at least she is alive to be on the courts. How much more as children of God made alive in Christ should we be thankful that we get to do the dishes, stack chairs, love our wives, respect our husbands, change diapers, read the Bible, worship with our families, receive correction, give correction, love and be loved.

Living an ‘I get to’ life because we get to, can revolutionize our attitudes. For me at school I get to plunge the 4th toilet today, I get to run special lunch days, I get to watch children play in the bitter cold, I get to say, “No running in the hall.” for the 10 thousandth time, and I get to model that I need Christ’s forgiveness every day just like the students do, especially when I have the attitude that I have to.

Talk with your children about the difference an ‘I get to’ attitude can have on one’s life even if they are still at the I have to stage.