Canada is now trying to be the kind of country that for tomorrow’s Remembrance Day Ceremonies chaplains were instructed that the use of the words ‘OUR FATHER’ are off the table. With this directive chaplains would be stripped of their freedom of speech, expression, association and religion in the name of DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity). If this seems strange to you, you may not have clued into the significant potential suffering and generational trauma that can result from such exclusive, patriarchal language.

In our morning exercises at Verideia we have the sound off: Elbows… Off the table, off the table, off the table! Sadly, our government’s sound off is: Our Father… Off the table, off the table, off the table! Not surprisingly Chaplains are quitting because apparently some of them do not appreciate the scientific veracity, and important societal safeguards indicated by Gender Based Analysis. Chaplains were also told to trade in their Faith Tradition Crests with the far less toxic, secular crest of the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service in order to further buttress the supreme ethic of DEI.

But be assured that during today’s Remembrance Day Ceremony at Verideia we did use exclusive, patriarchal language, we did pray to our heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ, and we did place our poppies on, of all the symbolic and overtly Christian things, a cross. Fortunately at Verideia, thankful acknowledgement of the ultimate giver of all good gifts who is the personal God of the Bible and who sovereignly sustains all things and mercifully redeemed us by the blood of His only begotten Son will never, LORD willing, be off the table!