The English-Chinese picture dictionary I use when administering ESL has a city panorama with a large bustling Mosque and Synagogue centrally located in contrast to a tiny white empty church on a hill off in the distance. The degree to which this depiction was intentional would be speculative, however, the distain for and marginalization of Protestantism in general cannot be denied. When Christianity is viewed from the mainstream neo-Marxist lens it represents the worldview of the oppressor class. It is important to realize that influencers in society draw on underdog sympathies to justify the reverse discrimination Christians now experience.

Pride Month is an obvious example of this marginalization of biblical human design and sexual mores. Consider also that many Canadian political parties disqualify candidates unless they support the murder of babies in the womb. The above-mentioned examples are glaring, but we need to be on guard for the more subtle attacks, such as attacks on the nuclear family, attacks on private property, and attacks against a biblical anthropology (view of man.)

One question we could start asking is, when can Christians start playing the underdog card? When will it be recognized and appreciated that Christians are now the oppressed group, the actual ones who represent the marginalized sector, people holding to sincerely held minority beliefs on the fringes of society? The answer, never, because it was never about bringing justice to the oppressed group, it was always about attacking God, truth, goodness and beauty, and because Satan will not be satisfied until death and despair reign.

Remind your children that whether the church is large and flourishing or small and isolated, whether we are in the majority or minority we are to fight the good fight with the same passion and resolve knowing the outcome is sure. Jesus will reign!