At FCS we teach Christ-like character through Character Call-Outs. Here is a partial list we teach at school. Please incorporate these at home for you and your child’s benefit.

You say…They say…

Self-ControlDoing something even when I don’t feel like it.

CompassionFeeling the joys and hurts of others.

ResponsibleDoing what I’ve been entrusted to do.

WisdomLiving skillfully in the fear of the God.

IntegrityDoing what is right when no one is looking.

PatienceWaiting with a happy spirit.

HonestyA commitment to truthful ways and words.

ObedienceResponding to authority with a happy spirit.

DiscernAble to see things as they really are.

GenerositySharing what I have without expecting something back.

ForgiveReleasing someone’s sin never to bring it up again.

Try reviewing these Character Call-Outs during your family worship times or after a family meal. See if you too can learn them all by heart.