In talking with the FCS Board about Christian Classical Education, I mentioned the aspect of “feasting”. Last evening Mrs. Long and I went to the Edvance Gala Event in Hamilton. This banquet had an abundance of delicious, nourishing food beautifully prepared to delight the senses. This picture of a gourmet feast helps us understand Christian classical education as nourishment for the souls of children. The stories read, the Scripture and hymns learned by heart, the music heard and performed and the ideas to contemplate must be delightful to the senses, inspiring the elevation of the soul. Ultimately to appreciate such a banquet, the Holy Spirit must grant eyes to see, and a soul to perceive all these wonders from God’s good hand.

Continuing with the idea of a “feast”, CCE must not be wolfed down. Scarfing down McDonald’s on one’s rush to get somewhere is different than a romantic dinner at an elegant restaurant. Other cultures seem to be far better at taking time to enjoy a meal and the social aspect of dining together than we Canadians. We must return to the nourishment of body and soul that “feasting” on the Great Books and the great ideas which have stood the test of time ought to play in the methods and curriculum of Christian classical education. It is here we see the stark contrast with government education, toxic fast food as opposed to a leisurely feast with friends.

Most churches seek to present a feast comprised of the beauty of the Lord and the glorious hope we have in God’s promises, but sadly say little about the indoctrination of children in the ugliness of the LORD every day at government schools. Starving the next generation of the feast comprised of the soul food of the Lord is a recipe for malnutrition and starvation.