Compartment Department Problem

While attending a luncheon with pastors to discuss Christian Education it became apparent that one of the major misunderstanding that exists is the problem of compartmentalization. This is a big word for putting different aspects of child training in separate boxes. Some of these pastors believe that the spiritual training (discipleship) should be more or less the exclusive jurisdiction of the church and (hopefully the home), while the school’s exclusive role is academic training. This compartmentalization has been a successful lie of Lucifer in our modern age. Unfortunately, much of the church has believed this lie. Deuteronomy chapter 6 and Ephesians 6:4 speak to the truth that fathers are responsible for the 24-7 nurture (paideia) and admonition of the Lord. Paideia is a Greek word meaning enculturation that results in a fully formed citizen of a particular kingdom. From the Bible’s perspective the Department of Child Enculturation is the responsibility of fathers. I believe that fathers can more fully provide a paideia of the Lord by seeking the support of the body of Christ as seen in the local church and Christian school. A 24-7 enculturation in the Lord is very difficult given the depraved society in which we live; however by combining the influence of the Home, Church and School, fathers can parent in better accord with the Word of God.

Today we have the Government through our tax funded schools defining their compartment of influence, our pagan secular media with its pervasive influence and churches claiming their compartment of influence and believe me there is or should be definite territorial disputes between them. In reality the Lord Jesus who sits at the Father’s right hand who’s name is above all names is Lord of every department or compartment, in fact Jesus breaks down the boxes, and removes all the walls, Jesus is Lord of all.