Jesus of Nazareth
King of the Jews

This inscription written in Aramaic, Latin and Greek was posted above Jesus as he hung on the cruel cross at Golgotha.
The fact that Aramaic, Latin and Greek were used to communicate to all those who would witness Christ’s crucifixion and for all those who would later read or be told about it, speaks to the fullness of time in which the Lamb of God came. Before time began, our Triune God purposed to redeem a people unto himself through the atoning death of the second person of the Trinity. Consider that Aramaic would have communicated to the Jews of Israel, Greek was the most common trade language and Latin was the official language of Rome. This inscription covered the intellectual, social and religious spectrum of any who read it. This Easter reflect on who bore our sins and how He came as planned and as prophesied in the fullness of time in order to redeem you and me regardless of our intellectual, social or religious backgrounds. Praise God He is good!