Too Sexy For This School

Are you or your Christian friends concerned about the new Ontario sex-education curriculum? FCS has started to receive increased inquires because parents who send their children to government run schools are concerned about the new sex-education curriculum changes.
As I started to list what these changes are that will be implemented in the elementary grades I stopped myself, knowing many families would not appreciate it if I were to publish these things in the Friday Flyer for adults and children to read. Be informed, go online and read the report yourself.

Will concerned parents pull their children out of the government schools? Our Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals appears unconcerned about this type of parental backlash as she is quoted “Given that we haven’t had hordes of people withdrawing from the public education system given what’s already in the curriculum to be perfectly honest, I don’t anticipate that happening.” I would tend to agree with Liz Sandals’ prediction given what’s already in the curriculum and that its’ underlying philosophy hasn’t already resulted in mass withdrawals. I hope that Liz Sandals and I are wrong in that we are underestimating the numbers who will withdraw from the current system, especially as parents educate themselves with what’s already in the curriculum and with what’s coming.
As parents investigate educational alternatives I pray they’ll stumble (carefully directed by the Holy Spirit) upon educational options which glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. The hearts of the next generation are at stake.