As classical Christian education continues to attract interested families who are wanting more for their children, I see an increased disparity between the dualists and the one-ists or between what is more commonly called idol worshipers and slaves of Christ. Both the dualist and the one-ist appreciate the fruit of a Christ centered education such as a strong work ethic and golden rule morality but the dualists appear to want the best of the Christian life-view and the best of the humanist life-view at the same time. The dualist wants smooth sailing for their children and social and economic flourishing with whip cream on top… no, no, I mean security and a beautiful home plus Jesus, as friend and Saviour. In doing so Jesus can often take a second seat next to the prosperity, health and security idols of a humanistic life-view.

One of the main problems with dualism is when you idolize the best of both worlds. You can’t serve two masters, just like you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Jesus tells us to take up our cross and follow him but also that He’ll spew out the lukewarm. The sooner we start hating the heart idols of humanism and start seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness, the sooner we will know of the Son’s delight for us.

A people of God born of adversity can become a people idolizing comfort, and a dualistic people are in danger of full-blown apostasy. We need to pray for the demise of dualism through the transforming influence of Kingdom education that despises idol worship and flourishes under the kingship of Christ.