Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “Our Father… Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…” At Verideia we often pray to our Heavenly Father repeating this language. So how is our Heavenly Father answering and using us as His instruments of grace to foster a Heaven on earth transformation? Are our relationships looking more like heavenly relationships? Is our love for one another patterned after a heavenly love for one another? One thing I know for sure is that at Verideia we need to pray this prayer far more fervently because we are a long way from Heaven. Even though we may strive and pray for a heavenliness to who we are and all we do as a school, the battle with our flesh and the Devil continues to rage causing me to long all the more for the final restoration of all things when remaining sin will finally be vanquished. So, all this talk of “Thy Kingdom come” brings up a big eschatological question. How will our Father answer our prayer? Does He answer it in a way that the whole earth becomes heaven like? Does He answer our prayer through the refining of the body of Christ to more starkly contrast with a sin cursed world? Whatever the answer, I long deeply for the verities of Christ to be all in all. Talk with your families about what Heaven is like and how in small ways we can manifest that reality on earth. When dealing with sin and the challenges of conflict why not ask, “Is this what Heaven is like?” In Heaven we would be in the very presence of God. Just this one truth applied daily would transform our life on Earth and that is why when Jesus returns bodily, everything will change!