Charles J. Rolls wrote five great volumes to help us better know Jesus Christ by examining the different names and titles the Bible uses to describe Jesus. In the section the Ancient of Days Charles shares this poem;

“Show me Thy face, one transient gleam Of loveliness divine,
And I shall never think or dream
Of other love save Thine.
All lesser lights shall lessen quite,
All lower glories wane,
The beautiful of earth shall scarce Seem beautiful again.”

The good the true and the beautiful are words used in classical education to highlight what students should love. Jesus just so happens to be the epitome of the good, true and beautiful. All that is good, true and beautiful ultimately derives from Jesus. At FCS we are seeking to instill in the students an increasing love for Jesus, which results in greater joy and personal flourishing.

What family practices, traditions and or liturgies do you have to intentionally foster an increasing love for Jesus? How does your family demonstrate that Jesus is more lovely and important than everything else? Would an outsider looking in on your home life know who’s number one? Is He the Ancient of Days?