Dads, how do you communicate with your daughter(s) that you love them unconditionally? Because daughters need to know their dads love them, it is important for dads to make known their love for their daughters. Girls typically are more sensitive to tone, facial expression and eye contact than boys. So dads, give your undivided attention, mindful of non-verbal cues which communicate often more powerfully than saying, “Beautiful, I love you so much!” Dads when you love your wife for your daughters to see, this teaches them what authentic love looks like and gives her security in the home.

Moms, be sure to embrace your worth and acceptance in Christ, despite what Hollywood and Vogue says. This way your daughters can know that they too are daughters of the King. Instruct your daughters to use their gifts to live and serve the audience of ONE.

Parents as you better apply Pink and Blue parenting, I trust you will spend less time in the ‘Family Crazy Cycle’ and far more time delighting in God’s good gift of family.