As society confuses the importance of male and female, parents should not be deterred or sidetracked from parenting according to God’s design. When God made Adam and Eve male and female, he made them equal but not the same. This equal but not the same is very important for how one parents.

Practically speaking moms, your boys know you love them but need your respect. They long for you to put your hand on their shoulder and tell them, “I’m proud of you.” “You’re brave and strong!” I admire you.” “I respect you.” As a principal I need to work on correcting boys without disrespecting them, so as to build them up in character. Blue parenting is more shoulder to shoulder activity and less 20 questions. Typically when mom talks less, boys talk more, which was what mom was after in the first place. When mom demonstrates praise and respect for her husband in front of her son(s), her son(s) are built up feeling better about themselves and their whole family. Effective Blue parenting should continue even when your son is out on his own. Call him up, write him a letter sharing how proud you are of him, and wait…wait for it…

“I love you Mom!” “I love you Dad!”

Pink parenting next week! To dig deeper into Pink and Blue parenting, check out Love and Respect In the Family by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

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