Is it just me or are more people today confused about sin? In talking with a friend about children, it was his view that his son and daughter were born without sin, clean slates, innocent. I was talking with a lady who said she’s never sinned. NEVER?!! Now, she also doesn’t like the concept of sin in general.

Some of us had parents who confessed and asked forgiveness when they sinned against us. Some of us may have not ever received even an apology from our parents. So parents can impact our view of sin. Fortunately God tells us what we need to know about sin, so then how does God’s view of sin impact best practices in education?

As child formation occurs through the interaction of fallen humans, we sin and are sinned against, thus confessing the sin by name, repenting of sin and recognizing our infinite absolved sin debt to God gives a good baseline for personal growth in Christ-likeness.

Sin and its effects are essential for understanding God’s creation, be it viruses, plants, animals, people, angels, demons or the earth, sun, moon and stars. Sin is necessary for understanding History. You can’t appreciate History if it is not HIS-story, a planned assault against the fallout resulting from sin (pun intended). Without a comprehensive understanding of sin we won’t see ourselves, the world or God aright.

Do not be afraid to talk about sin because it is the perfect segway to talk about Jesus who defeated sin and death! Alleluia!