During my Administrator’s Report for the Spring Membership Meeting I shared the story of John Harper. His bold gospel plea to those perishing as the Titanic was sinking is a powerful illustration of the great need of our day. How many are drowning in the icy North Atlantic waters of our hedonistic rebellious culture of death. I used the analogy that the Titanic’s lifeboats serve much like our efforts to provide a paideia of the Lord, working together with the home/church/school. John’s daughter Nana who he put in the lifeboat was rescued by the Carpathian (Christ) went on to marry a pastor and now her grandchildren are also living for Jesus Christ. As John was a widower he could have gone with his six year old daughter, but because he was saved already spiritually, he gladly gave up his seat for “women, children and the unsaved”. He even asked saved people to give up their seats for the unsaved.

We are at a time where Christian schools could take more students. I wish people had the same urgency they had the night of April 14, 1912. The next generation is drowning and we need; more Christian school lifeboats and for Christ to rescue and recover those in lifeboats and those desperately clinging to the wreckage of government education and anti-God media.