God knows when to encourage us as we journey down a path that may be hard, especially when it is His well pleasing plan for us. In the last few months or so I have been encouraged by different people that FCS is on the right path.

Encourager #1 Dr. Deani Van Pelt who I ran into (not literally) at the KWCHEA Homeschool Conference rally. We talked about her excited involvement with a new classical Christian school in Hamilton called Oak Hill Academy. Knowing that Dr. Deani Van Pelt has been elected to head up the new amalgamation of OCSAA, Edifide, and OACS and has a passion for classical Christian education was a heartwarming validation for what we are doing at FCS.

Encourager #2 Mrs. Gui, a past parent and pastor’s wife. On returning from a trip to China she shared the joys and struggles of the Christian underground Church. She shared that to hers and my surprise that China’s underground Church has started classical Christian schools for their children, despite the extreme risks involved. Shortly after the Gui family left China they received a report that leadership of the classical Christian school were taken into custody.

Encourager #3 Wednesday’s chapel speaker Pastor Bob MacGregor of Grandview who was very excited that FCS was a classical Christian school and wanted to find ways to endorse us at his church… wow! Knowing that Pastor Bob and other FEB Central leaders are looking hard at classical Christian education was another way God has encouraged my heart.

Take time to talk about how God has encouraged your heart in specific ways through different people and circumstances with your family.