Logical fallacies come in all shapes and sizes. We often are confident in our thinking when others support our view and especially if they are experts. These fallacies are called the appeal to people/authority. If History shows us anything it shows us that the experts and the majority have often been wrong. This has been the case in the areas of morality, scientific claims, medical practices, teaching methods and political systems.

Ever since Eve believed the Serpent over God, mankind has continued to trust the so called experts over our Maker. This is the point of it all. Who are we going to trust, who should we trust, and who will we trust? This is how we grow in virtue and wisdom, by trusting and obeying God.

Sometimes the most destructive use of this logical fallacy is when we shape our own thinking based on what we tell ourselves. If others could hear what you say to yourself, would they know you are talking about an adopted child of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings?

Do not fall for the appeal of people even if that people is you. Remember the lesson of the school drama ~ Obey God and make no compromise.