What is your view of leisure? How has the Bible shaped your thinking regarding recreation? Is the main purpose of education to equip a person for work? Where do we get our identity from? Is it from the work we do? “I am a teacher.” “I am an electrician.” “I farm, therefore I am a farmer.”

The purpose of a Christ-centred education is to disciple the next generation of God worshippers who discover order, create beauty, engage creation, discern idolatry and reflect the image of Christ. An identity rooted in Jesus Christ through adoption should instruct our view of leisure. As God’s son or daughter purchased by the blood of the Lamb, we can value leisure as an ordained aspect of life in which we can glorify God our Father.

FCS helps to equip students whose identity is established in Christ to enjoy leisure for what God designed it. Leisure was designed to re-create us, restore us and re-calibrate our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to enjoy and serve the LORD. Think about what role recreation plays in your life and with your family. Is your leisure re-creating you?