Reaping What We Sow

I was reading Douglas Wilson’s excellent book Excused Absence, which brought up an interesting perspective I hadn’t considered before. Douglas condemned past Christians based on how they had legislated tax funded Christian education in the early public schools which propagated a worldview foreign to non Christian tax payers.

He was saying, that what goes around comes around. We should be careful when complaining that public schools are imposing a foreign worldview on Christians today. We actually started it. Past Christians were guilty of the same injustices we Christians may complain about today.

That is why in Ontario we had tax supported protestant schools and later the development of Catholic schools. The Catholics didn’t want to be subjected to the protestant Bible, prayers, or catechism. They objected to Protestantism in the classroom.

Because it is impossible for education to be neutral it is best left out of the hands of the government. God’s Word communicates that education is a parental responsibility not a governmental one. This is why classical Christian schools like FCS exist, to support parents with their God given responsibilities.

Children belong to God not the State!