We are learning about the Fruit of the Spirit in our Chapels and one of the most enjoyable ones is joy. At FCS we want our students to have the Joy of the LORD, a joy in the things that the LORD takes joy in.

Parents are called to model what joy looks like for their children. If our joy in contingent on things going our way or if our level of joyfulness changes daily due to our circumstances, our children will have a hard time grasping what truly brings us joy. Examine your daily attitudes and actions. Are they governed by the steadfast love of the Lord? Or are you falling prey to fluctuating emotions based on your situation? The greatest antidote to a lack of joy is a time of remembering the Lord’s mercies. Gather your family together and begin to list all the ways the Lord has protected, provided for and blessed your family. Spend time thanking Him in prayer; I guarantee you will walk away reminded that “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” (Nehemiah 8:10) Make this practice of thankfulness a regular part of your family dynamic and you will soon see your children and family becoming transformed from joyless to overflowing with joy and thanksgiving.

Taken from Character Matters by Dr. Steve & Meagan Scheibner.