This week I learned of the passing of a teacher of mine from Bible College, Joyce Baker. God used Joyce to open my understanding and appreciation to the biblical foundation of Christian education. She was instrumental in aligning a biblical world and life view to the realm of education that I desperately needed to learn, especially after 15 years of secular government education. Much of my philosophy of Christian education was due to Miss Baker’s early influence on me and thankfully for the many other Christian teachers she impacted. I am deeply thankful to God for Joyce’s example. From my class notes 27 years ago:

God must teach man two great lessons:
1. His own insufficiency
2. God’s abundant sufficiency 

One of the important things I learned from Joyce was the importance of addressing the heart of the student  so that learning can take place. She shared some of the abuse she experienced as a young person and how that can stifle learning. She taught about the importance of knowing your students and being perceptive of their emotions. Then being able to work through pain by prayer for the healing of Christ is necessary for human flourishing. 

Joyce exhibited weakness and strength because she could rest in her identity as a child of her loving heavenly Father. I am thankful she is now experiencing more fully that perfect rest in the  presence of her King who I believe has said “Well done my good and faithful servant.”  

What kind of legacy will you leave? And how will others remember your weakness and strength?