I have been enjoying reading No Salvation Without Substitution by J. E. Conant. This book starts by answering the big why. Why is there sin? The answer from Conant’s perspective is because we must learn that God’s will is better than ours.

Here is an illustration. A mom tells her child, Do not touch the hot stove. And when mom is out sight, the child touches the hot stove and learns something. Humanity is learning something. We are learning whose will is best. At FCS students are learning whose will is best. Our integrated and chronological History and Bible instruction is showing whose will is best.

As we near the end of this epic teaching of God we should know by now whose will is best. There should be no doubt, no more questions, the answer will be settled. So why not start now, living according to God’s will rather than our own. The results will be too amazing for words.

One of this year’s school prayers is:

Teach us good Lord, to serve thee as thou deserves.

To give and not count the cost;

To fight and not heed the wounds;

To toil and not seek for rest;

To labour and not to ask for any reward,

Save that of knowing that we do Thy will.


Parents, in the small and big actions of life, teach your children how each decision should all come back to whose will is best.