School typically operates on the premise that teachers teach students. I am going to tell you a story where it’s a student who did the teaching. Artin Khandani was a young boy that came to our school with big bright eyes, dark shiny hair and a wide expressive smile. He loved the sound of singing, music, and the voices of his classmates. His laughter caught everyone’s attention as did his tears. Artin had a rare disorder resulting in his inability to speak or walk. His parents and care providers helped him do the many things most of us take for granted. God used Artin who could not do things other children could, to teach us things those other children could not.

What did God teach us through this fascinating young boy? Artin was a real boy, he didn’t put on pretentions, he wasn’t boastful or arrogant but he could be stubborn and uncooperative. We all knew when he was happy, mad, sad, or tired. I don’t think he tried to hide his feelings. He had a good memory and sense of humour and perceptively knew who authentically loved him. His joy through challenging circumstances and acceptance of help were two importance lessons we all need to learn. If Artin can exhibit peace amidst hardship, we ought to have even more peace with our many advantages and abilities. Artin’s life helped beautifully form the lives of teachers and students around him because he exhibited the image of God from a different vantage point than any of us could.

Artin passed away April 30, 2021 and you can see his two pages of pictures at the front of our 2020-2021, Let Your Light Shine, year book. I believe the Lord took Artin to be with Himself during a stressful time in world history when many of us were learning in a different way that this is not our ultimate home, that there is an eternal home where there will be no more pain and where every tear will be wiped away. The One who wipes away our tears will be Jesus. Believing in Him who sustains this life is one thing, but believing in Him who grants eternal life is everything. We just celebrated Easter and Resurrection Sunday which was the first fruits of our future resurrection. Imagine attending the marriage supper of the Lamb where we can all be dancing, even Artin.