While preparing to lead a men’s Bible study group I was reminded again that love for your wife exhibits itself in loving actions. One of the more uncommon actions is edification. A husband who loves his wife will edify and praise his wife unto God, to her and to others, sincerely and frequently such that you would think more highly of his spouse than of him. I find this type of praise uncommon and when done, frightening at first, then weird, then awkward and it can take a while before its normal then expected then valued and eventually essential. Jesus was constantly edifying His Father and the Holy Spirit edifies the Son. Establishing homes, churches and schools with cultures of praise for God and others moves us towards fulfilling Kingdom Come relationships which is the best thing this side of Heaven. If this is new for you, try it out. Try edifying your wife to God first, then directly to her alone, then to her with others present, then to others without her present. As we become super great at edifying our spouse, the second most important relationship in our lives, we can go on and praise others as we become professional good finders fulfilling Gods will in the world.