A little boy and his father were walking through a

garden where there were tender vines.

Now, Papa, says Ned you be careful

That you step in just the right place,

For right in your footsteps I’m stepping

Ah! That, sighed the father is the case.

Lets stop now and think ere we journey,

Would we travel the road just ahead

If we knew that our own cherished darlings

Would follow the path we have led?

Ada Clarke

From all my experience, Dads seem to have the greatest influence (humanly speaking) on their children. Children tend most often to track their fathers steps, love what he loves, and go where he goes. God has ordained fathers to have a uniquely influential position in the family. So I challenge fathers to walk closely with the Saviour so that their children tracking their step will one day transition by God’s grace to the tracks of our heavenly DAD!